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… here we go to TAIWAN!

On March, 21, 2019 the Meisteryodler makes his long way to TAIWAN, where he will perform at the legendary MEGAPORT FESTIVAL in Kaohsiung on March 23 and 24, 2019

2019 MEGAPORT X TOYOTA special performance! 


A Viral Song Named “Chicken Attack“ 

Yodeling Singer from Japan! 

The Uncle with Magical Voice! 

With Highly Popularity! 

Chicken, Ninja, Magician! 

Go chicken go! 

Now go. now fly!

The music festival, founded in 2006 by Taiwan Rock Alliance, was co-organized from 2010 to 2012 by The Wall, a live house owned by Freddy Lim and based in Taipei, with branches in Yilan and Kaohsiung. The festival was planned with fans of rock music located in southern Taiwan in mind and has traditionally taken place in March, aside from 2007, when it took place in October. Over time, Megaport grew in size and came to dominate the southern Taiwan music scene, no longer considered an „offshoot“ of the older Formoz Festival.

The Megaport Music Festival was not held in 2014, due to a disputed takeover bid. The Wall’s CEO bought out the other founders, one of whom was Freddy Lim, who claimed that the rights to the Formoz and Megaport Festivals had not changed hands. Lim managed to retain the rights to both music festivals, and both returned in 2015.

Megaport has featured many Taiwanese musicians, including Deserts Chang and 1976, as well as other groups, such as 65daysoftstatic and Grizzly Baer.

A special highlight will be the joint appearance with the heavy metal band CHTHONIC

Festival visitors can look forward to an extraordinary world premiere


First CD of TAKEO ISCHI in JAPAN out now!

Belbird Ltd., since its founding has been Japan`s most important supplier of small incubators coming from other countries. This CD was meant to celebrate the role of the incubator, both for the food industry and for hobbyists and academics trying to preserve rare bird species in the face of possible extinction. Belbird Ltd. hopes this CD will raise awareness of the incubator and the very important role that it plays behind the scenes. It was for this purpose, that the song, „The Chicken And The Egg“, was commissioned.


01. The Chicken And The Egg
02. Kaasan No Uta (English Version)
03. New Bibi-Hendl (English Version)
04. The Country Bumpkin – New Appenzeller
05. Importhit From Japan
06. Kaasan No Uta (Original Japanese Version)


Limited edition also available in Germany!

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I would like to thank quite warmly the Wintergarten team for the great time. It was a miraculous show with charming colleagues with unusual artistic abilities and a highly professional team in the background. 

My special thanks go to Stefan Prattes –author, director and stage designer – who has thought up all details of this excellent Japan revue and has directed them perfectly. And of course to Georg Strecker to the boss of the Wintergarten-Variete without whose vigorous support this show could never have taken place. 

I say not least thanks to the numerous concert guests who have visited me and my colleagues in the last half year in the Wintergarten-Varieté theatre. 

I wish the Wintergarten furthermore toitoitoi and a lot of success for the next 25 years! 

Your Takeo               

The new CD-Box now

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 3 CDs / 44 songs

Artist Info

When it comes to technical innovation, the Japanese are always ahead by a nose. But it’s not just in terms of motors, computer innards or domestic appliances that the land of smiles is undeniably at the top. A Japanese man has also won the imperial crown when it comes to perhaps our oldest cultural heritage, yodelling.

Takeo Ischi is the best, the most famous, the best-loved and at the same time the funniest yodeller on the planet. His fascinating talent and unique gift move millions of people worldwide to ecstatic torrents of applause. He makes yodelling modern as never before, compatible with our computer age, compatible with the younger generation. His hit number „Bibi Hendl“ alone received 1½ million Youtube views in a very short time! So he’s effortlessly overtaken current big names in pop and mega-superstars. Many thousand positive comments show the international origin of the viewers and suggest their youthfulness. Countless special remixes by enthusiasts on every continent are currently being shared on the internet, including the ten-hour yodelling marathon version.

The younger generation in Germany became absolute  Takeo-addicts after Stefan Raab’s cult programme, „TV Total“. They can`t get enough of the yodelling master from Tokyo, who is only too ready to make fun of himself. He comes out with the craziest-sounding ideas and pulls the silliest faces. The well-off father of four whose cosy home is in the prettiest corner of Bavaria is only too glad to let his inner child run wild. That’s what makes Takeo Ischi so totally likeable, so loveable, so worthy of idolisation.

It’s as though he’s got inexhaustible batteries. Takeo not only whirls around the whole world, but also explores ever-new yodelling territory like a diligent professor. Whether online yodelling courses, the booked-out yodelling hikes through the breath-taking mountain world of his home, Reit im Winkl, yodelling interpretations of rock and pop hits, opera arias or dance floor blockbusters or the CD of his High Noon yodelling duel with colleague Rudy Schneyder, Takeo brings his tireless zeal to the theme. Only the German President can explain why he has not already received the Federal cross of honour for his tireless, worldwide and above all successful saving of the honour of our German cultural asset.

Takeo Ischi is an absolutely exceptional artist in every way and without question one of the few phenomena of our modern age. To the older generation, he has been one of the really great stars of folk music for years now. And yet what other folk music star is simultaneously idolised by young people? This yodelling master is simply a cult for teens and twenty-somethings! Masses of people celebrate his Dance and Aprés Ski versions of old folk songs and age-old folk tunes such as  „Bibi-Hendl“, „Appenzeller“ or „Zwei Spuren im Schnee“. At the start of his career, he was something abstract, an original. And yet long ago, Takeo crept into our hearts and thus not just paved his own way but also did a great service to understanding between peoples. Love of music knows no national boundaries, it is in all of us. And Takeo proves that though the people of the world might have different languages or skin colours, there is no difference in their hearts.

New Bibi Hendl

Now on YouTube

Chicken Attack

Now on YouTube

The new CD

Takeo Ischi featured as guest artist on the Gregory Brothers‘ project, „Song Voyage“ in autumn 2015. He travelled to Tokyo especially to film the episode. The end of January 2017 saw the clip, „Chicken Attack“ and the episode belonging to it published on YouTube. The clip was immensely popular and received millions of views in  the shortest time. Since then, the clip has been viewed 14 million million times.

Engagement at the Wintergarten theatre in Berlin

Riding on the wings of this success, currently there`ll be some further news from Japan’s yodelling master. Since July 2017 to February 2018 Takeo appeared as a star guest in the show SAYONARA TOKYO at the legendary Wintergarten-Varieté in Berlin. There’s also a new album (double-cd) on market as well as a 3-cd-collection with all his successful titles. Some further PR measures are in the pipeline for „Chicken Attack“ – including a „Ninja-Chickens“ video game for mobiles out soon…

Takeo Ischi is an interesting guest for radio and TV programmes, based on these developments and his future projects combined with his enduringly popular mega-hit, „Bibi Hendl“.

The 32 songs on the double CD include many further highlights with his mega-hit „New Bibi-Hendl“. Takeo sings and yodels two classics by yodelling legend Franzl Lang in a contemporary new recording and he offers amazing yodelling versions of „Biene Maja“ and the world-famous „Turkish March“ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Available now!

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Happy Yodel – Ein Jodler zieht hinaus in die Welt

Double CD / 32 songs

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Wintergarten Berlin

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